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Program Requirements

Grade level: 10, 11, 12

School: Kent

Program Length: Two Years

Credit at Kent:

Level I: CP or Comp English (1cr); Construction Tech IA (1.5cr); Construction Tech IB (1.5cr).

Level II: Construction Tech IIA (1.5cr); Construction Tech IIB (1.5cr); Optional Constructional Capstone II* (1cr).

Program Description

Students interested in working hands on with machinery, hand and power tools and who want to learn skills they can use on-the-job or in their own home should consider being apart of this excellent program. Emphasis is placed on both rough and finished carpentry with introductions to plumbing, masonry, cabinetry and residential wiring. Working in the lab, students will learn by constructing with their hands in order to build a strong foundation for a career in the building trades. Students that have completed this course have entered apprenticeships, entered two-year and four-year college programs in Construction Technology, Construction Management, Surveying and Architecture, started their own construction businesses or worked as building and property maintenance personnel, as well as carpenters for contractors and builders.

In Level 1, students are introduced to many aspects of construction including remodeling, estimating, framing, roofing, exterior finishing, interior finishing, cabinets, countertops and trim work. By applying math, science, communication and team building skills, students construct real-life application projects in the spacious lab while also learning to operate a wide range of hand, power and air tools. Because the class focuses on residential construction, students learn to build from floor to roof, which helps prepare them for a career in the construction industry. The construction process introduces them to basic electrical, plumbing and masonry work. In Level II, students have the opportunity to complete a paid internship with contractors on actual

job sites. Completers of this program have entered apprenticeships, enrolled in two- and four-year colleges and worked for a contractor or builder as a carpenter. Many have even started their own construction business! Post-secondary credits available based on successful completion of the program and criteria set by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

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Program Overview

Areas of Concentration

  • Construction technology—Core and sustainable construction

  • Carpentry and masonry technical skills

  • Structural systems

  • Structural coverings and finishes

Skills Necessary for Success

  • Problem-solver

  • Applied mathematics

  • Able to visualize completed projects

  • Ability to estimate and plan

  • Use of hand and power tools

  • Manual dexterity

  • Safety awareness

  • Designing and organization

Professional Pathway

  • General contractor/Remodeler

  • Mason

  • Carpenter

  • Cabinet maker

  • Rough framer

  • Plumber

  • Electrician

  • Roofer

  • Maintenance technician

  • Drywall installer/Plasterer

  • Estimator

  • Construction supervisor

  • Property manager

  • Building inspector

  • Architect

  • Construction manager

  • Interior Designer

Higher Educational Opportunities

  • College credits available.

  • Associate’s degree

  • Bachelor’s degree

Helpful Background

  • Interest in constructing and remodeling homes

  • Interest in construction management

  • Read blueprints and apply designs

  • Interest in interior design of homes


  • Excellent attendance record

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

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