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Program Requirements

Grade level: 10, 11, 12

School: Kent

Program Length: Two Years

Credit at Kent:

Level I –Adv Anatomy and Physiology I (1cr); IA Exer. & Athl Train (1cr); IB Med Term(1cr).

Level II – Adv Anatomy and Physiology II (1cr); IIA Fit Eval & Assessment (1cr); IIB Capstone (1cr)

Program Description

Are you looking for an educational experience that is fun, exciting and fast-paced? Look no further than Athletic Health Care and Fitness. This program will provide knowledge and real life experiences in recognizing, initially treating and rehabilitating athletic injuries. Under the direction of a licensed athletic trainer, students will assist injured athletes from the onset of injury to their full return to competition. Students will also learn about prevention of injury through the practice of proper sports nutrition, conditioning and weight training. Learning about the proper use and selection of sports related equipment will also provide students with knowledge and experience in injury reduction. The Athletic Health Care and Fitness Program will help you select and prepare for a future in fitness or a variety of health related careers.

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Program Overview

Program Time

  • Two years

  • 7:30-10:15am – (Level I)

  • 11:55-2:30pm – (Level II)

General Working Conditions

  • Assisting with treatment and rehabilitation of injuries

  • Assisting the athletic trainer with evaluation and initial treatment of injuries

  • Carrying out duties assigned by the athletic trainer

  • Assisting in fitness setting

Areas of Concentration

  • Prevention of athletic injuries

  • Recognition of athletic injuries

  • First Aid and CPR

  • Treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries

  • Conditioning principles

  • Weight training principles

  • Exercise and fitness programs

Additional Requirements

  • Assertive and relate well with people

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Desire to help people in need

  • Dependable and reliable

Youth Leadership Organization

  • AHCF club

Helpful Background

  • Biology

  • Sciences

  • English

  • Math

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