Health Careers Technologies Participate in HOSA-Future Health Professionals Day at the Great Lakes Science Center

Milton 40 Glsc
November 20, 2017
Catie Milton

HCT level 1 & 2 celebrated HOSA Day by visiting the Great Lakes Science Center, in downtown Cleveland for their Health Career Day event. There students attended a lecture panel of Healthcare professionals whose healthcare careers have taken them on very nontraditional paths including an  Emergency Room physician turned medical documentation consultant for University Hospitals, Mayo Clinic and other prestigious hospitals, the only Organ Procurement /Recovery Researcher in the US and a master prosthetic orthopedist whose Twinburg company designs, produces and fits patients with artificial limbs that run from basic $1,500 models to cutting edge, FES models that run $150,000.  Students had a chance to meet with college representatives from a variety of universities such as Ohio University, Case Western reserve, Hiram College, Notre Dame College, KSU College of Podiatric Medicine, The Ohio State University, explore healthcare careers in Imaging, Podiatry, Research, and osteopathy; learn about Cleveland Clinic's summer youth internship programs and explore the many  interactive science displays while getting to know their classmates in level one and two!

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