Construction Technologies Internships

Internship 13
November 27, 2017
Isabel Thomas

The Construction Technologies Program currently has many second level students interning around our community. Everyone is headed in different directions; some people plan to work in the trades right after graduation, and others will pursue post-secondary education.  These internships provide an educational opportunity that cannot be found in any other high school. Not only do our students learn a skill set that can be applied to real life, but also get experiences such as working with master tradesmen, working in a team, working in people’s homes, and being a dependable, trustworthy employee.  Construction Technologies also teaches students how to be responsible with money.  Students log their work every day, and have a savings account opened. They are required to put at least 10% of their earnings into this account, and can’t access these funds until they graduate. This is an amazing program because not only does it teach you valuable skills, but it also leaves you more prepared to live a successful life.   Current list of internships:  Jason Rhome, TRHS Dujanovic Quality Stow, OH;  Austin Stainbrook, TRHS Hartville Cabinetry & Design Hartville, OH; Isabel Thomas, TRHS Interned at Dujanovic Quality Stow, OH; Drew Jaggers, TRHS  All Rite Construction Akron, OH; Blake Ross, TRHS Marchand Co. Painting & Finishes Akron, OH; Colton Moore, TRHS Deckmaster Co. Akron, OH; Tallmage HS Interned with Legacy Team Remodeling Stow, OH; and Jacob LaGuardia, Woodridge HS Mudd Construction Akron, OH

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