CADET Capstone

April 03, 2018
Troy Spear

During Spring Break,instructors Troy Spear and Jeff Bee and , two seniors from CAD & Eng Tech Level II, Richie Morroco and AJ Tassone were the first educators, students and educational institution in the United States to get trained on a Mill Turn module for MasterCAM which is a new industrial duty software that the CAD & Engineering Technologies program is utilizing  to integrate student designs with machines to bring designs to life.  This module is specifically designed to be used with our new Turning Center.  Both Richie  and AJ  benefitted from the instruction that they will be utilizing  for their capstone projects that each is working on.  AJ's capstone project is a 5" Bass fishing lure mold.  He intends to make three different sizes 5", 4", 3" of the same design.  Using Mastercam to input his Solidworks file he was able to create the tool paths for his mold very quickly.  Tooling was supplied by Kyocera SGS Precision tools.  Kevin Richardson of Fastech Inc., Mastercam reseller and trainer, was able to instruct Richie and AJ both in the techniques used in creating toolpaths from solid models.  

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